Wolfgang Van Halen Shares A Sneak Peak Video Of His New Song, ‘Don’t Back Down’

Former Van Halen bassist and currently the member of his own solo band MammothWVH, Wolfgang Van Halen shared a post on his official Twitter page announcing a brand new song, ‘Don’t Back Down’ from his self-titled debut album with a little sneak peek which was quite exciting for the fans.

As many of you know, Wolfgang Van Halen is now the founder of his own solo band MammothWVH which was his first move in his solo career after the disbandment of Van Halen due to the loss of the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen after his long battle with throat cancer.

After embarking on a solo career, MammothWVH founder released his debut single ‘Distance’ which was a tribute song to his deceased father, followed by his second single ‘You’re to Blame’ only to gain more recognition and success for his upcoming self-titled album.

While fans cannot wait to hear the whole album of Wolfgang Van Halen since his first two singles were hits right away, he shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing another single release from the upcoming debut album named ‘Don’t Back Down.’

In addition to giving exciting news for his fans, Wolfgang Van Halen also revealed a 9-second video in which he shared a sneak peek from the new single which is going to be released tomorrow. The track sounds already different from the previous records and fans cannot wait to hear the brand new single.

Here is what Wolfgang said:

Tomorrow. #DontBackDown #MammothWVH”

You can see the Twitter post below.