Wolfgang Van Halen Reflects On His Father Eddie’s Words, ‘My Son Is The Greatest Musician In The World’


During his recent interview with Rolling Stone Music Now, Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen unveiled the first instrument which was the beginning of his musical journey. Wolfgang also shared what he felt about his father Eddie’s remarks, ‘my son is the greatest musician in the world.’ 

Wolfgang Van Halen focused on his solo career and founded his solo band Mammoth WVH after his father Eddie Van Halen had passed away and Van Halen had disbanded. His band’s self-titled solo album was released on June 11, 2021. Wolf showed that he was not only the former bassist of Van Halen but also was a great frontman and songwriter.

Wolfgang previously revealed that his first instrument was the drums and his father appreciated his playing the drums a lot every time he heard him. He continued his musical journey as a guitarist and he found his unique way of playing when he discovered Drop D. The young musician stated that his father showed his support throughout his career.

In a recent interview, Wolf shared his feelings when the host reminded him of his father’s words about his musical talents. He mentioned that his father appreciated his talent all the time who will always be a great inspiration for his musical journey. However, Wolfgang also stated that he wanted to find his unique way of creating and playing.

Wolfgang described his feelings saying:

“And there was one thing that he recorded that he would always show me all the time, he was just in the kitchen, and I guess I sat down on the drums myself and just started playing something, and you can hear him way downstairs, ‘Holy shit, that sounds fucking awesome.’

And you hear him walk up the stairs, and the drums get louder and louder, and it sounds like this really cool beat, this really heavy thing, and he walks in, he goes, ‘Wolf, play that again.’

And you hear in the background, like, ‘What, daddy?’, like this little 4th-grade kid doing this really sick kind of beat, he would just show it to me all the time, he was so proud.

He went on:

“On guitar, I wanted to learn ‘316,’ this song that he wrote for me. I played it at a talent show in 6th grade, and so he taught me that fully, but then he taught me how to do power chords, and I took it from there as well.

I would do guitar tabs and stuff, I learned how to play ‘Chop Suey!’ from System of a Down from guitar tabs, and stuff like that, and you just start to kind of amass riffs and you start to figure out.

Like, I remember it blew my mind when I figured out what Drop D was, just the little things go through when they figure stuff out, and I like that dad let me figure that out on my own, it allowed me to kind of forge my own musical identity rather than follow in his steps and become a little clone, like I’m so happy that I’m not him.

Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen was born as a musician and combined his talent with the long hours of practice. His father Eddie also wanted him to be different and unique and helped him find his own way.