Wolfgang Van Halen On Taking Van Halen As The ‘Bad Example’

Wolfgang Van Halen recently opened up to Classic Rock about the lessons he learned from his time in Van Halen. The rocker shared what he chose to implement into his own band Mammoth WVH. He said:

“With Van Halen, I learned a lot of how I didn’t want things to be with Mammoth. Why do we need to be walking around on eggshells? Why is there a problem all the time?”

Wolf added:

“Like, why can’t we just get along and play music? Don’t we all love music enough to put our bullshit aside and actually have a good time having this be our livelihood? Shouldn’t it be easier than this?”

Since Wolf shared that he experienced inter-personal conflicts within Van Halen that caused the band to be uncomfortable, he wanted to form a band with healthy core values. Wolfgang continued:

“That was one of the main things with Mammoth, was to build this healthy core of people on the inside. That can’t be swayed and that can weather any storm, throughout anything we need to.”

The frontman had previously told The Messenger about the ‘animosity’ between Van Halen members. He even revealed that the unresolved issues within his former band would prevent them from ever having a reunion. Despite pressure from fans to see Van Halen reunite and honor Eddie Van Halen, Wolf shared his plans to keep his father’s legacy alive in other ways, such as his guitar and amp company.

You can read Wolfgang Van Halen’s interview with Classic Rock here.