Wolfgang Van Halen On His Concern About Unreleased Van Halen Songs

In a recent interview with Brave Words, Wolfgang Van Halen opened up about his perspective on unreleased Van Halen songs. When the rocker was asked whether he had any plans to go into Van Halen archives and pull out tracks for new releases, he replied:

“No, not at all—no. I think what was released is what was released. And even in my dad’s own words, when he talked about it, he’s like, ‘I released all the good stuff.’ The stuff that’s there is the stuff that fell by the wayside, which, sure, people would probably find worth in it. But without dad here, it feels unfair to make that assumption that anything should be… like that’s a decision that can’t be taken lightly.”

Wolf shared that if he had to decide to put out a song it would be tough call by adding:

“I think that’s up to AI at this point? If it ever came down to me, yeah, that would be a tough decision to make. Because in dad’s own words, you know, he released what he thought was worthy. I really don’t appreciate when you see certain artists pass and you see their families go through and just kind of release everything. It’s like, that’s not right, to me.”

Wolf had previously talked about not wanting to dive into the vault since his dad Eddie Van Halen is not here to approve of the choices. He even recently told The Messenger that he will keep his father’s music and legacy alive through other means such as the guitar and amp company, but there won’t be a Van Halen reunion.

You can read Wolfgang Van Halen’s interview with Brave Words here.