Justin Hawkins Credits Ed Sheeran As A ‘Proper Guitarist’

Justin Hawkins recently took to his YouTube channel, Justin Hawkins Rides Again, to share his thoughts on Ed Sheeran‘s newest single. The Darkness frontman’s reaction to Sheeran’s latest offering was quite positive.

The famous pop singer’s new song, ‘Boat,’ was recently released. The song, described by the musician as a metaphor for depression, was accompanied by an ocean-themed music video, and these elements were what caught Hawkins’ attention when he took a look at the piece.

The rocker declared it the best Ed Sheeran song he’s heard in a long time. Although not particularly fond of his more energetic tracks, he found this new song to be exceptional and said he’s a ‘proper guitarist and a proper singer.’ According to him, the singer’s lyrics were particularly effective within the context and setting of this piece, and the video was a refreshing component with its lower tone and profile.

The vocalist’s thoughts read:

“That’s a really good song. That’s the best Ed Sheeran song I’ve heard for absolutely ages. Wow, he’s a proper, uh, proper guitarist, proper singer. I don’t know; there’s nothing wrong with this. I mean, I think some of that stuff that sort of sounds like dance music is definitely not for me.

But you can’t argue with songwriting, and when you hear it in this context or with this production, it’s definitely affecting. It’s effective and affecting. Definitely makes me feel something. It’s good. It’s really, really good. And, of course, nice to see a bit of lower stuff in the music video, and it’s been a while since anyone’s done that. Yeah, it’s about time.”

‘Boat’ was released as a single from Sheeran’s new album ‘Subtract,’ and there is more to come. The musician’s full album will drop on May 5, and we’ll see whether the rest of the album also carries similar aspects to those Hawkins liked.