‘Wolfgang Van Halen Managed To Navigate His Pain Into His Work,’ Myles Kennedy Says About Mammoth WVH’s Success

Alter Bridge lead vocalist Myles Kennedy opened up about the recent achievements of former Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen during an appearance on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, and apparently, Kennedy is proud of Wolfgang’s success in addition to stating that he is musically lucky when it comes to his genetics.

As you might remember, iconic frontman Myles Kennedy once opened up about the success of Wolfgang Van Halen who formed his own solo band named Mammoth WVH after the disbandment of Van Halen due to the loss of the iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen. During an interview, Myles stated that Wolfgang is a ‘force of nature’ who is capable of doing everything successfully.

Here is what Myles Kennedy said:

“It’s very exciting. I mean, it’s true — he’s just this force of nature. He can do it all. I’m absolutely thrilled for him. And I’m really happy to see how… it’s given me faith in humans again. After his father passed away and everybody just poured in with so much love for the guy, and then he releases this beautiful song, and it’s found its place in the world. It’s a beautiful cycle of just good, positive energy. So, yeah, I’m super proud of Wolfie. And he’s gonna have a good run.”

During a more recent interview, Alter Bridge frontman, once again, revealed how proud he’s with Mammoth WVH founder’s success since Wolfgang managed to navigate his pain into his work which came out beautifully. In addition to this, Myles stated that the reaction of people who mostly have been supportive throughout Wolfgang’s early days gave him hope in these days that everybody is standing on the side of negativity.

In addition to this, Myles Kennedy stated that Wolfgang Van Halen won the lottery of having a genetic pool filled with genius musicians such as his late father, guitar icon Eddie Van Halen, his uncle, legendary drummer Alex Van Halen, even his name was given after the classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Here is what Alter Bridge lead vocalist said:

“Absolutely. I’m very proud of what he’s achieved. I feel like, it was such a difficult set of circumstances that he’s having to endure for the last year, and he’s taken that and navigated brilliantly. And I think that the music that he’s putting out is very heartfelt and honest, and when I first heard the single, I was just like, ‘Yeah, this is somebody who’s paying tribute to his father beautifully.’

And you’re right, it is really wonderful to see how the public’s reacted, and that gives me hope, you know? As you stated earlier, we live in such a polarized, crazy world right now, and humanity with all that was needed, and props to Wolfie for getting it done, proud of him. He’s so talented, he’s obviously, from a genetic standpoint, he definitely won the lottery. He’s got it all, I’m happy for him.”

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