Wolf Van Halen Says Jason Newsted’s Statements Over VH Reunion F*cked Everything Up

Mammoth WVH’s Wolfgang Van Halen spoke to Rolling Stone in a recent interview and addressed Jason Newsted‘s comments on a possible Van Halen tribute tour, which might ruin everything.

The idea of a Van Halen tribute tour made headlines a few months ago when former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted revealed in an interview with The Palm Beach Post that Alex Van Halen had approached him to participate in a potential tribute tour. He said he even traveled to California and jammed with the drummer and guitarist Joe Satriani. However, he eventually thought it would be impossible to do justice to the band’s legacy and declined the offer.

Newsted’s statements caused a big splash in the press, and the other potential participants started discussing the issue individually. Joe Satriani also confirmed Newsted’s claims and shared more details, including the possible participation of David Lee Roth. The guitarist still added that nothing was certain yet.

Diamond Dave didn’t stay silent about it either, as expected. The singer said they would need two people for each position due to the coronavirus pandemic and listed some names. Following him, former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony also took the stage. He said the final decision related to a potential Van Halen tribute tour would rest with Alex Van Halen, but the drummer might not feel ready for it.

Unsurprisingly, the hot topic that keeps the media busy nowadays also came up in Wolfgang Van Halen’s recent interview. The interviewer said jamming with several people doesn’t mean anything will undoubtedly come out of that. Wolfgang confirmed him and criticized Jason Newsted for revealing the issue to the public even though he wasn’t supposed to. The rocker thinks it ruined everything related to a possible tribute tour. However, he also said it wasn’t connected to what Newsted stated. The tour wouldn’t happen anyway because of some other reasons.

The interviewer said:

“When Robert Plant wouldn’t tour with Led Zeppelin, they auditioned all kinds of singers, including Steven Tyler. But just because they jammed a couple of times doesn’t mean anything really came of that.

Wolf replied:

“Not at all. And just because one person decided to talk about it when they weren’t supposed to, it f*cked everything up.”

The reporter asked:

“Was that really what f*cked it up?”

Wolfgang explained:

“That wasn’t the end of it, actually. It was already not happening.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Wolfgang Van Halen implied that there are people that make a potential Van Halen tribute tour difficult. Wolf avoided giving details about who these names were, though.