Wolf Van Halen Says It’s Ridiculous To Be In The Same Category With Paul McCartney

Mammoth WVH frontman Wolfgang Van Halen recently spoke to USA Today for an interview and revealed that he found sharing the same category with the Beatles’ Paul McCartney quite ridiculous.

2022 Grammy Awards is set to take place on April 4, and music fans are pretty eager to watch the show and see whether their favorite musician will take an award home. The full list of nominations shows that the R&B musician Jon Batiste has received the most nominations, with 11 nods. Apart from Batiste, there are many other world-renowned musicians on the list, such as Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, and the rapper Doja Cat.

As it seems, Mammoth WVH frontman and former Van Halen member Wolf Van Halen is among the nominees for a Grammy award this year. Wolfgang is nominated for a best rock song Grammy award with his song ‘Distance,’ which he wrote as a tribute to his father and iconic guitar legend, Eddie Van Halen. Alongside Wolf, Weezer, Kings Of Leon, Foo Fighters, and the Beatles’ Paul McCartney were also nominated for the same category.

In an interview with USA Today, Wolfgang revealed his feelings about sharing the same category with McCartney. He said that being nominated for the same award with McCartney is a ridiculous and unbelievable honor. Wolf then added that he is proud to be making his own music and achieving such a milestone. The musician also noted that he’s the youngest in the category, and he feels delighted to be the ‘fresh blood’ in there.

Wolfgang Van Halen told USA Today about being in a category with Paul McCartney the following:

“The fact that I’m there, I’m cool. That McCartney is, too, is just insane. It’s ridiculous and an unbelievable honor. I was the most surprised anyone can be.

It’s an honor to be the youngest guy in the category and be this fresh blood in there. And personally, to have struggled with a fan base who expects me to go in one direction and to be doing my own thing and the reassurance of what I’m doing on my own is worth a damn.”

As of now, Wolf is getting ready to hit the road with Dirty Honey for their co-headlining Young Guns tour after rescheduling the dates due to the coronavirus pandemic. During the tour, both bands will perform across North America through May.