Wolf Van Halen Responds To Criticism About Ignoring His Band

Former Van Halen bassist and current Mammoth WVH founder Wolf Van Halen recently had fun with one of his followers on Facebook after they commented on his new profile photo. The musician had a good laugh about that statement along with his fans after changing his picture to that fan’s comment.

Wolf Van Halen is currently on tour with Dirty Honey to promote his self-titled debut Mammoth WVH album. Although he recorded all the music himself and played each instrument in the recordings, he is still performing with other musicians playing the instruments on tour as many other solo artists do.

Recently, Wolfgang updated his Facebook profile picture and put a recent photo of himself on stage. One of his followers got confused, thinking it was Mammoth WVH’s account. They judged Van Halen for putting a solo photo instead of the entire band and called the picture ‘bad.’ Wolf was surprised at his ‘cluelessness’ and decided to make fun of it.

The musician later took a screenshot, cropped out the comment, and made that the profile photo of his Facebook account. Finally, he stated that even if this was his band’s profile, he could still pick any image and give a random example of a banana. This incident was so entertaining for Wolfgang that he shared the story with his Twitter followers.

Here is what the user first said:

Bad Pic. Just show the band on stage taking a bow. It’s really the band on tour.”

Wolf replied:

“This comment is covered in so many layers of stupid I don’t even know where to start.”

User continued:

“Well, Wolfie. It’s a band, not a solo act.”

Wolf stated:

“Well, John, it’s a profit picture for Wolf Van Halen. Not my band. So I could make it a picture of your clueless ass if I wanted to.

See, watch.”

Wolf changed his profile pic to the comment by the user and finally said:

“The funny thing is though, if I wanted to change my band’s profile picture to a picture of a banana, I could. Because I can do whatever the f*ck I want, haha.”

He posted the context on Twitter and said:

“I had fun changing my profile picture on Facebook yesterday.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.