Wolf Van Halen On Changing His Mind About Performing Van Halen’s ‘Panama’

Mammoth WVH frontman Wolfgang Van Halen shared an Instagram post making fun of himself for playing Van Halen’s ‘Panama,’ despite his initial reluctance to perform it.

As the son of the late Van Halen guitarist Eddie, Wolfgang has been expected to follow in his father’s footsteps in his musical style. So, Van Halen fans have constantly asked him to perform Eddie’s music and continue Van Halen’s legacy. However, Wolf decided to pave his own way and formed Mammoth WVH rather than relying on his father’s success.

Last year a fan had once again told Wolf that he should honor his late dad by playing more of his stuff. Following this comment, Wolf said that he honors Eddie by producing music. He had also added that he wouldn’t play Van Halen’s ‘Panama’ just to fulfill the fans’ wishes. However, it looks like the rocker changed his mind about the issue as he delivered an impressive version of ‘Panama’ in the first Taylor Hawkins tribute concert.

Wolfgang shared a post on Instagram, including his previous comments on his reluctance to play the Van Halen stuff. The singer mocked himself for his big words. Then, a user asked whether he was specifically asked to play ‘Panama.’ Wolf said in response that it was his choice, so no one pushed him to perform it. The musician also paid tribute to his father by playing ‘On Fire’ and ‘Hot for Teacher.’

Wolf wrote in the caption:


Here is what a fan asked Wolfgang:

Were you asked to play ‘Panama’ at the Taylor Hawkins concert or what? What happened?”

His reply:

It was my choice.”

Below, you can check out the photo he posted and watch his ‘Panama’ performance.

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Van Halen – Instagram