Wolf Van Halen Explains How He Became A Better Frontman


During a recent interview with The Aquarian, Wolf Van Halen answered the questions asked about his music career. He mentioned Young Guns Tour as a new experience, making him a better frontman.

While Wolf Van Halen was going on his solo music career after the disbandment of Van Halen, he founded Mammoth WVH in 2020. Before releasing the first album ‘Mammoth WVH,’ the band had put out the first single entitled ‘Distance’ on November 16, 2020, as a tribute to his father.

Mammoth WVH went on tour with Guns N’ Roses to promote the album and became the opening act. GN’R even invited Mammoth WVH to perform their song during the shows. After the tour, they released the music video of the last single ‘Epiphany’ by stating that it was filmed on the Guns N’ Roses’ tour. Mammoth WVH also announced that they would hit the road for the upcoming tour with Dirty Honey.

During a recent interview, Wolf Van Halen explained why he became a better frontman thanks to the local tours in Young Guns Tour. He shared his opinions about performing in local areas on the Young Guns Tour as a new experience after the time with Guns N’ Roses was with a larger audience. He stated that he could act more like himself because they were performing in small areas compared to Guns N’ Roses tour.

Wolf Van Halen said they spent more time on stage showing their craft to the utmost that they got better reactions. He also added that he felt more comfortable on stage while talking to the audience. Wolf indicated that he became a better frontman on Young Guns Tour as he felt more comfortable spending time in a more sincere environment.

When asked about his experiences on tour, Wolf explained:

“It’s the 10,000-hour rule: The more you put towards your craft, the better you get. I’ve noticed, at least personally, that I’ve become a better frontman. I’m better at talking to the audience and getting more out of the crowd, sort of pulling reactions out of them way better than I was on the Guns’ N Roses tour or even the headlines in between this and the GN’R tour. You get more time in the seat, you get better, and you create the energy.”

Despite being in one of the most successful bands of all time, Van Halen, Wolf Van Halen has been still talking about gaining new experiences. The young musician thinks he has a long way to go in learning, which is now one of the most admirable aspects of his musicianship.