Wolf Van Halen Explains Why VH Didn’t Play His Favorite David Lee Roth Songs Live

Mammoth WVH frontman Wolfgang Van Halen decided to do a Q&A on Twitter while waiting for the video game Elden Ring to download. He also revealed why Van Halen didn’t play his two favorite David Lee Roth tracks live.

Van Halen released their first greatest hits album, ‘Best of – Volume I,’ on October 22, 1996. The album included some songs from all their previous albums except their 1982 album, ‘Diver Down.’ Their soundtrack for the film ‘Twister,’ called ‘Humans Being,’ was also a part of the album. However, the band’s original lead vocalist David Lee Roth recorded two new songs, ‘Can’t Get This Stuff No More’ and ‘Me Wise Magic,’ for the album.

The band’s two singers, Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth contributed to the album. Roth’s two new recorded songs were released as singles to promote this compilation. When Wolf Van Halen started taking questions from the fans, a user asked him what he thinks about the two new David Lee Roth records in the album and whether Van Halen ever considered performing them live.

Wolfgang responded to the question by revealing that these two new songs are his favorite David Lee Roth tracks. He explained that Van Halen did try to work on ‘Me Wise Magic’ to perform live, but the guitar Eddie needed to perform the song was challenging to take on the road, so they had to leave it out of the setlist. However, if they could adjust it somehow, he would want them to perform live as he listed them among his two favorite Roth songs.

The user’s question about the two David Lee Roth tracks:

“Hey, Wolf, curious what you thought of the two new Dave tracks on the ‘Best of Volume 1’ and if Van Halen ever considered those for the setlist at any point to perform live from ’07 onwards. I think they are both great tunes that don’t get their due. Thanks, and best on the road.”

Wolf Van Halen’s reply:

“They are two of my favorite Dave tracks. We tried to work up ‘Me Wise Magic,’ but the guitar Pop required to play it is pretty frustrating to take on the road, so we passed on it.”

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