Wolf Van Halen Doesn’t Think He Had The Personality Required To Be A Rock Star

Mammoth WVH frontman Wolf Van Halen recently gave an interview to The New Yorker. In the interview, he stated that he lacks the required personality to be a rock star.

Being the son of a talented guitarist like Eddie Van Halen, Wolf is also an aspiring musician. Following his father’s tragic passing, he decided that Van Halen was over as they couldn’t continue without him. Therefore, he ended his career with the band and pursued a solo career instead.

Currently, Wolf is working with his solo band Mammoth WVH. As a solo musician, he declared that he follows his unique career path now. However, most of his fans expect him to follow Van Halen’s footsteps or perform their songs. Some of them also argue that Wolf imitates his father.

Despite these arguments, Wolfgang focuses on making his own music and is quite successful in doing so. However, according to an interview with The New Yorker, the musician thinks he is a ‘dork’ who is far from meeting the requirements of his job.

Wolfgang Van Halen told The New Yorker that:

“I do not have the personality type required for my job.”

Although he doesn’t look like a typical musician on the outside and doesn’t do drugs or consume alcohol like most rock icons, Wolfgang is a quite talented musician. So, considering his success in the music business, it is safe to say that what matters most is talent instead of looks.