Why Vivian Campbell Was Left Out From The Dio Documentary, The Co-Director Explains

Ronnie James Dio has made numerous contributions to the heavy metal scene by leading many bands, mainly Dio, and popularizing the ‘devil horns.’ The documentary ‘Dio: Dreamers Never Die’ follows the career of the vocalist who passed away in 2010 and premiered a few days ago. However, the absence of Vivian Campbell did not escape the audience’s attention.

Campbell laid the foundations of his music career and achieved his initial recognition by becoming a guitar player for Dio. His absence from the documentary surprised many since he collaborated with Ronnie on several successful works before leaving the band. While people wondered whether it was because there had been no reconciliation between the pair, the co-director of the ‘Dio: Dreamers Never Die,’ Damien Fenton, clarified these questions while speaking to Border City Rock Talk.

Fenton revealed that as Wendy Dio and Campbell were not working together then, the documentary does not feature him. However, he noted that he would have loved to involve him since he is a massive fan. Despite his physical absence, they still used the guitarist’s voice in the movie after retrieving some archived interviews.

The co-director said he hoped Vivian would notice they cut the scene where he left the band while watching this documentary. He continued explaining that they cut that part several times while trying to ‘get it right down to the middle,’ and reflected on the time Dio tried to decide on what to do with Vivian.

Damien Fenton said the following:

Unfortunately, at the time, Wendy and Viv still don’t work together. So, as fans, we would have loved to do that. That being said, Vivian’s voice is in the film. I hope that if he sees this film ever, he realizes that we cut that scene where he leaves Dio.

We cut that 15 different times, trying to get it right down the middle. It’s an interesting moment in Ronnie’s career where he’s now the boss, and he has to make some decisions about what to do with Vivian. And hopefully, everybody feels. We cut that right down the middle.”

You can check out the interview below.