Why Roger Waters Boycotts Autographs


It is often said that fame comes at a cost. Professional artists who make a name in the music industry can’t escape the consequences of becoming well-known figures and attracting attention. Their lives are under close public scrutiny, as the media and their fans track their every move. Thus, sustaining the allure of stardom has never been easy for many.

Fan interaction is highly important for those with a big fanbase. Especially with advancements in technology, it has become easier for fans to get in contact with their heroes. While getting a response from a rockstar in today’s world is already considered a big deal, you can imagine how much fans value the personal belongings of those they admire.

Any kind of belonging, even just an autograph signed by them, is very special for many fans. The excitement of music fans has been manipulated by many who try to make a profit in the music industry. Thus, there are some artists like Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters who refuse to give out autographs for a variety of reasons.

What Does Roger Waters Think About Giving Out His Autograph?


People acquire autographs for many purposes, sometimes because they are fans or because they could come in handy. Some view autographs as a source of investment since their value often increases. In the contemporary world, collectors have easy ways to reach out to potential buyers and profit considerably from signatures.

It is widely accepted that the commercialization of the autograph business is horrible. In a way, it has turned celebrities into a public property that could bring profit. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph in 2012, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters expressed his displeasure on this hot issue.

The musician stated that he had stopped signing anything that would serve the big industry revolving around it. Waters specifically referred to eBay, which is an extensive platform for lucrative sales. According to the bassist, it is unacceptable for people to take a little piece of him and turn it into a big profit. Thus, Roger Waters has been holding a boycott by refusing to sign autographs since he realized the irritating impact of the large industry.

Roger Waters’ statements on autographs are as follows:

I don’t sign any guitars or scratch-plates or anything like that anymore. There’s a little sort of industry that’s about eBay. It’s about getting a little bit of you that they can sell to somebody who cares, and I find that ugly.”

Yet, Roger Waters is not the only musician who is not in favor of signatures. The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr also made a statement in 2008 saying that he had stopped signing autographs. The other Beatle, Paul McCartney, was another notable name who refused to give signatures since he had found the process a little bit weird.