Why Ritchie Blackmore And David Coverdale’s ‘Soldier Of Fortune’ Was Never Placed On Charts

Despite being a group known for its several line-up changes because of personal and creative differences between the band members, Deep Purple preserved its popularity and commercial success. Legendary musicians such as David Coverdale, Ritchie Blackmore, Glenn Hughes, and many more created and performed as Deep Purple members.

Coverdale and Blackmore collaborated as Deep Purple members in one of these works for one last time. The two artists co-wrote some songs from a very famous record, even though later Blackmore became dissatisfied because of its funky style. Let’s check out that album and one of its tracks, ‘Soldier of Fortune,’ to learn details about the song and why it has never been placed on the charts.

Deep Purple’s ‘Soldier Of Fortune’ Didn’t Appear On Charts

Deep Purple released its ninth studio album entitled ‘Stormbringer’ on December 10, 1974, the second record from the lineup consisting of Blackmore, Coverdale, Hughes, Jon Lord, and Ian Paice. Its title was very famous back then thanks to Michael Moorcock’s novel character Elric of Melniboné and his sword ‘Stormbringer.’ The band members were probably inspired by the book while choosing its name.

Before the release of the album, Deep Purple also dropped singles. They specifically chose the ones that had the potential to draw the attention of the fans and music critics. Therefore, the band put out ‘You Can’t Do It Right,’ ‘Lady Double Dealer,’ and ‘Stormbringer’ as singles, but they decided not to drop ‘Soldier of Fortune’ written by Coverdale and Blackmore, before releasing the ninth album.

‘Soldier of Fortune’ didn’t take place on the charts, and one of the reasons behind that was this choice of Deep Purple members. However, surprisingly, it became a part of a cult following for years. The Deep Purple fans kept listening to the song and defined it as their favorite even though it wasn’t a popular one considering the charts back then. So, they will always appreciate its groundbreaking style and contribution to the band’s legacy.

Moreover, many bands and musicians covered the Coverdale-Blackmore song for their various projects over the years. Coverdale’s band Whitesnake performed ‘Soldier of Fortune’ on their live album ‘Starkers in Tokyo.’ The guitarist’s band, Blackmore’s Night, used it on ‘Past Times with Good Company.’ Also, Opeth, Black Majesty, Gyula Vikidál, and Jiří Schelinger sang the track, which proved its influence on rock and metal music despite its not being on any chart.

You can listen to the song below.