Why Paul McCartney Paid £16.5 Million To Heather Mills

The Beatles made it to the public and gained prosperity and fame through their unique songwriting and composing skills. The members knew each other from a very early age, and their visions regarding music fit perfectly. Thanks to their applauded discography, they are known as one of the most influential bands. Even though there are only two surviving members currently, their legacy is everlasting.

Their personal lives have also taken the media’s attention since being very influential in music comes with the price of not living their lives privately. While John Lennon’s love life was in the public eye with his and Yoko Ono’s infatuating relationship, Paul McCartney also had problems with his second wife, Heather Mills.

Paul McCartney And Heather Mills’ Dramatic Divorce

The Beatles icon and Heather Mills got married in June 2002, after McCartney’s first wife Linda passed away in 1998 from breast cancer. The couple separated in 2006, and in the following year, Mills started making comments to the public about how McCartney’s daughter was why their marriage ended. The couple went to court to settle the divorce, but Mills’ financial requests and claims against the rock star got things heated.

Mills claimed that McCartney was abusive towards her. Moreover, she said he drank, smoked cannabis, and abused her during her pregnancy while describing herself as a good wife and mother. However, her statements contradicted what she had written in her book ‘Life Balance: The Essential Keys to a Lifetime of Wellbeing’ where she described McCartney as loving.

Mills Requested £125 Million From McCartney

Mills requested £125 million for her claims, but McCartney lowered it to £15.8 million. The court settled it to £16.8 million in addition to the assets she owned, which summed to £7.8 million more. The court found Mills’ claims very chaotic, and after the trial, a High Court judge, Mr. Justice Bennett, commented on the defense of both sides.

He stated that McCartney’s statements were balanced, and he could express himself clearly. He described it as ‘consistent, accurate, and honest,’ while Mills’ evidence was all over the place, which he described as ‘inconsistent and inaccurate.’

Here are Mr. Justice Bennett’s words about the trial:

“The husband’s evidence was, in my judgment, balanced. He expressed himself moderately, though at times with justifiable irritation, if not anger. He was consistent, accurate, and honest. But I regret to have to say I cannot say the same about the wife’s evidence.

Having watched and listened to her give evidence, having studied the documents, and having given in her favor every allowance for the enormous strain she must have been under (and in conducting her own case). I am driven to the conclusion that much of her evidence, both written and oral, was not just inconsistent and inaccurate but also less than candid. Overall, she was a less than impressive witness.”

With Mills, McCartney had one child, Beatrice Milly McCartney, born in 2003. After his divorce from Mills, McCartney married Nancy Shevell in 2011, and they are still together. With Shevell, McCartney doesn’t have any children, but Shevell has a 26-year-old son from another marriage.