Apocalyptica Cellist: ‘80% Of Metal Is Crap’

Apocalyptica cellist Eicca Toppinen shared his views on the metal genre in a recent interview with FaceCulture, asserting that a significant portion fails to make an impact.

The cellist emphasized the role of emotion in music, stating:

“I think it’s all about emotion. Music is transferring emotions, and you can find emotions that you feel you need from all types of music. So I’m a metal fan, but I think 80% of metal is crap. Or it at least doesn’t talk to me because I feel it’s too wake. It’s too… It doesn’t have a… For example, for me, metal is more attitude than a music style. Okay?”

Defining True Metal

Expanding on his perspective, the musician argued that being loud or heavily distorted does not inherently make music metal, noting:

“It’s the attitude that metal music, something to feel like it’s metal to me, needs to have this attitude and this certain intensity level. That’s why I always said that Massive Attack is more metal than most metal bands. You know, ‘Angel,’ it’s dark, and it has this feeling, and I think most metal bands don’t reach that feeling even if they try hard.”

Beyond Loudness And Distortion

Toppinen added, sharing more about his thoughts on the metal genre:

“So being loud and having a lot of distortion or shouting, it doesn’t make it really metal, in my personal opinion. But I think you understand what I mean. It’s more about intensity. It’s like metal needs to be exciting. It needs to be exciting, and it can be exciting in so many different ways, but it’s the energy. It’s the energy of the music that’s what matters.”

In other news from the band, in a September 2023 chat with Tuonela Magazine, Eicca discussed their work on Apocalyptica’s forthcoming studio album. The band has been experimenting with new material in Los Angeles, aiming to challenge themselves and evolve their sound.

Apocalyptica released a new song and video titled ‘What We’re Up Against’ on December 15, 2023, featuring Elize Ryd of Amaranthe.

You can watch the musician’s full interview below.