Why AC/DC’s Malcolm Young Didn’t Like Kurt Cobain

Grunge music surfaced from the underground and met its audience in the mid-’80s, entering the mainstream with Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, and Pearl Jam, but primarily after the emergence of Nirvana. Kurt Cobain became considered the pioneer of the grunge movement with Nirvana’s appearance on the rock scene in 1987. After achieving considerable success with the 1991 song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ this era became a turning point for the band and the rock scene.

Besides his unique singing style and songwriting, Kurt Cobain also contributed to rock music with his musical personality. He impressed the audience with his blonde hair and enchanting blue eyes, which reflected the emotions he went through while singing his meaningful lyrics. Although his fan base increased persistently in the early ’90s, Cobain was not everyone’s favorite rock figure, such as AC/DC’s Malcolm Young, who did not like his style.

Malcolm Young Did Not Like Kurt Cobain’s Attitude

In the early ’90s, Nirvana reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with the album entitled ‘Nevermind,’ which included their unexpectedly successful song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’ Kurt Cobain made significant contributions to this album as the primary songwriter but also delivered vocals and played the guitar.

The record was considered a foundation stone for grunge as a genre and enabled its entrance into the mainstream. During the same period, AC/DC was regaining popularity following the release of ‘The Razors Edge,’ which peaked at number 2 on the US Billboard 200. Thus, there was a natural rivalry between the two bands.

During a 2016 interview with Louder Sound, Malcolm Young revealed that his daughter made him listen to Nirvana for the first time in the ’90s and shared his opinion about Kurt Cobain when asked about it. According to Young, the vocalist did not act like himself, which is why he believed the frontman was a bit of a ‘poser.’

Malcolm Young said the following what he thought about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.

“Naaaaah. Singer’s a blond feller. Bit of a poser.”

The extensive tours and the compilation album ‘Incesticide’ followed the success of ‘Nevermind.’ With the release of ‘In Utero’ in 1993, Nirvana continued to achieve commercial and critical success. Cobain contributed to this album as the songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist before passing the previous year.