Dee Snider Explains What Made Him Change His Style From Led Zeppelin-Like Power Trios To Glam-Metal

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that the movie, ‘Phantom of the Paradise’ was the turning point for him when it comes to his musical taste, apparently, he was a huge fan of power trios such as Led Zeppelin, however, it took a turn to glam-metal after seeing the movie.

‘Phantom of the Paradise’ is a musical horror comedy movie that tells the story of a composer who writes music for his beloved, however, a record producer steals his music in order to open his own place, The Paradise. After the producer’s betrayal, the composer changes his appearance and seeks revenge.

Despite the movie was a box office failure in addition to receiving mostly negative views from the critics once it came out, ‘Phantom of the Paradise’ has received much more positive reviews both from the fans and critics over the years making it a cult film in the end thanks to its music.

The musical numbers in the movie all of which were by Paul Williams were in the style of exaggerated glam-rock which included over-the-top yet quirky costumes, make-ups, and shows. Every element contributed to the absurd mood of the film and made it better.

Recently, Dee Snider shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing the fact that his taste in music has been power trio bands such as Led Zeppelin up until he watched ‘Phantom of the Paradise’ which resulted in a turning point when it comes to his musical direction. Apparently, Snider started to like glam-metal after seeing the movie and thanked the songwriter Paul Williams and director Brian De Palma.

Here is what Snider said:

“Just realized I never shared the thing that was THE turning point in musical direction for me from Led Zeppelin-type power trios to glam-metal…’74’s Phantom of the Paradise! Not a big film in the US but huge in Canada. It changed my world! Thanks, Paul Williams & Brian DePalma!”

You can see the Twitter post below.