Why Did The Beatles Decline A Fortune To Reunite, Ringo Starr Explains

The Beatles icon Ringo Starr explained why the band members didn’t want to reunite even when they received a great offer during a recent interview with NME.

Even though the Beatles are one of the most recognizable bands globally and have shaped the music industry, they unfortunately disbanded in 1970. After that point, all the band members continued to work on their solo records, and currently, both Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney are active in the music industry.

In his recent conversation, Ringo revealed that they received a bizarre reunion offer back in 1973. As it turns out, they were proposed to perform an opening act of a man wrestling a shark. However, they turned it down. After receiving the offer, the band members called each other and discussed why they should say no.

As for the reason, Ringo stated that they all wanted to go on their own paths. One of the biggest reasons for this decision might be the increasing tensions between the band members, especially after they decided to work on the ‘Beatles At Work’ television show, which most of them called ‘the low of all-time.’

Ringo Starr on the reunion offer:

“We called each other and said no. We were taking our own roads now.”

Later in the conversation, Ringo also shared his thoughts on the upcoming Beatles documentary ‘The Beatles: Get Back,’ which tells the story of the ‘Let It Be’ record. The musician stated that they should put more joy into it because they were laughing and angry at the same time.