Why Chester Bennington Refused To Be A Parody Of Scott Weiland

Stone Temple Pilots’ decision to fire Scott Weiland was a significant turning point in the band’s history. The band members claimed that Weiland’s solo activities and erratic behavior were having a detrimental effect on the band, leading them to make the difficult decision to part ways. The departure of Weiland was a loss for the fans of Stone Temple Pilots, who were accustomed to his unique style and distinctive voice.

However, the band was quick to move forward, announcing Chester Bennington as their new singer in 2013. This was a surprising move, as Chester was known for a different vocal style in Linkin Park. The new lineup debuted at a California radio festival, performing a new song called ‘Out of Time.’ This performance marked the start of a new chapter for Stone Temple Pilots, and fans were eager to see what the future would bring.

Chester’s powerful vocals and energetic stage presence quickly won over audiences, and the new lineup was met with positive reviews. However, although the replacement was Chester Bennington, a pretty solid figure in contemporary rock, the person being replaced was Scott Weiland. So, it was really tough. Chester was tasked with navigating the delicate balance of respecting STP’s legacy while also incorporating his unique style and making room for himself in the band’s sound.

Despite these challenges, Chester demonstrated his versatility and skill in his two years with the band, effectively balancing both demands. However, as revealed in his final interview with the Hollywood Reporter in 2013, finding this balance did not come without its difficulties. Chester expressed his fear of coming across as a parody of Weiland in his new role.

The legendary vocalist shared his feelings about fronting STP as follows:

“When we got together, right away it was three songs from Dean, three songs from Robert, three songs from me — overnight! All this adrenaline was injected right into our hearts. If we got together and it was weird, it wouldn’t have happened. But we got together, and it was amazing.

The new music needed to feel like it was us. It was still STP, but it’s me [as well], and I don’t want to be doing a caricature of Scott. Live, I’m singing Scott’s melodies and Scott’s songs, so I want to stay honest to that and present it in a way that people feel they’re getting an STP show. … It’s been an interesting and very rewarding experience so far.”

Chester Bennington fronted Stone Temple Pilots for two years, from 2013 to 2015, and he really enjoyed the ride. However, in November 2015, Chester announced he was leaving the band to focus on Linkin Park. Following his departure, Stone Temple Pilots continued to tour and record music, eventually bringing in Jeff Gutt as their new lead vocalist in 2017. Gutt made his debut with the band in November of that year, performing a new single called ‘Meadow.’