Why AC/DC’s Malcolm Young Didn’t Like Robert Plant


Robert Plant is a highly appreciated artist who has left his mark on the rock music scene with his remarkable success with his legendary band, Led Zeppelin. His versatile singing technique has stood out among the most distinguishing characteristics of his vocal style since his early days with the band. Besides his distinctive vocal talent, the singer also attracted attention with his charismatic stage presence.

To many music lovers and critics, Plant’s vocal skills are among the most important factors that give Led Zeppelin songs such emotional intensity. While he was not classically trained, the vocalist managed to create a unique style. Although many have regarded him as an immensely talented and impressive singer, Plant also had others, including AC/DC’s Malcolm Young, who thought the opposite.

What Did Malcolm Young Say About Robert Plant?


AC/DC co-founder and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young was commonly regarded as the band’s creative genius, although he didn’t steal the spotlight as his brother Angus did. He stood out as the driving force behind the band’s massive success and works. Malcolm was the songwriter of many AC/DC classics and the band’s primary decision-maker. Unfortunately, the guitarist passed away in 2017 after suffering from dementia for the past three years.

In a 1992 interview for a music magazine named Metal CD, AC/DC mastermind made some statements about Robert Plant while reflecting on their previous records and his early influences. Firstly, the guitarist recalled the time he and his brother Angus once went to a Led Zeppelin show. While the interviewer thought it was a brilliant topic to talk about, Young proved him wrong by making some controversial statements.

The interviewer probably assumed Malcolm would discuss what a great show it was by praising Led Zeppelin’s performance. Yet, the guitarist said they left the gig after listening to several songs without waiting for it to finish. Talking about why they left early, Malcolm mainly criticized Robert Plant for being a poser, while he didn’t say anything about the remaining band members or the band’s overall performance.

Here is what Malcolm Young said about Robert Plant:

“Angus and I went to see Led Zeppelin once. We left after a couple of songs. The singer was a blond feller. Bit of a poser.”

It appears that Led Zep’s singer didn’t correspond with the classical lead singer image that Malcolm had in his mind. Thus, the guitarist took a bit condescending attitude toward Plant by describing him as a poser who behaved in a certain way to impress the audience.