Who Is The Richest Member Of AC/DC? See Angus Young, Brian Johnson, And Cliff Williams’ Net Worths In 2021

Starting their careers as a local Australian band, AC/DC later managed to become one of the greatest band in the world, even though they had to face losses of their beloved bandmates, Bon Scott and Malcolm Young.

Two musician brothers, Angus and Malcolm Young founded AC/DC back in 1973 along with vocalist Dave Evans, bassist Larry Van Kriedt, and drummer Colin Burgess. In 1974, the band’s lead singer Dave Evans was replaced by Bon Scott. A year later, the band released their debut studio album ‘High Voltage,’ which was released exclusively in Australia. AC/DC’s second studio album, ‘T.N.T.,’ was released the next year again only in Australia and New Zealand.

Their worldwide success came with the release of an album named ‘High Voltage,’ which consisted of tracks from both ‘T.N.T.’ and ‘High Voltage’ albums. After AC/DC started to gain worldwide recognition, Cliff Williams joined the band by replacing the bassist Mark Evans. In 1979, the band released their groundbreaking ‘Highway to Hell‘ album, which was the last record featuring Bon Scott as the lead singer. Sadly, Scott passed away on February 20, 1980, caused by acute alcohol poisoning.

Even though the band initially considered quitting, they later decided to continue and recruited Brian Johnson as their frontman. The same year, AC/DC released their most popular album, ‘Back in Black,’ which was the first album to feature lead singer Johnson. After releasing several successful albums, Malcolm Young’s dementia got worse and he became unable to perform with the band in 2014. Unfortunately, in 2017, Malcolm died from the disease at the age of 64.

Struggling with the loss of their beloved bandmates, AC/DC members have taken a short break from working on a new album until 2020. On November 13, 2020, they released their 17th studio album, ‘Power Up,’ which received a positive response from their fans. Considering their ongoing career full of many accomplishments, it wouldn’t be surprising to see that the surviving AC/DC members are doing quite well financially. Yet, it might be interesting to see the lead guitarist of the band, Angus Young, is earning a lot more than the band’s frontman, Brian Johnson.

Angus Young Net Worth $160 Million

The co-founder and lead guitarist of AC/DC, Angus Young is the richest member of the band with his net worth of $160 million which also makes him the 47th richest rock star in the world.

Before founding one of the best-selling bands of all time, Angus played in a band named Marcus Hook Rock Band, which was founded by his brother George. While he was only 18 years old, he and his older brother Malcolm Young decided to form a band named AC/DC, which was inspired by their sister Margaret’s sewing machine, which had the initials ‘AC/DC’ written on it. It was actually an abbreviation for ‘alternating current/direct current.’

Known for his iconic stage outfits, colorful schoolboy uniforms, Angus was once ranked as number 24 on the 100 greatest guitarists of the all-time list of Rolling Stone Magazine. He and his brother Malcolm managed to take an Australian rock band and make it a world-renowned band. Besides his successful professional career, Angus also has a happy marriage with his wife Ellen Von Lochem since 1979. The couple has a 3-story mansion in Aalten, Netherlands, and a home in the Kangaroo Point area of Sydney.

Cliff Williams Net Worth $100 Million

AC/DC’s bassist and back vocalist, Cliff Williams has a net worth of $100 million making him the second-richest member of the band.

Before his career with AC/DC, Williams played bass for the bands, Sugar, Home, Stars, and Bandit. After Bandit’s breakup, Cliff was about to quit his music career. However, he changed his mind when he joined an audition for AC/DC upon one of his friends’ requests.

In 1977, Williams became an official member of the band replacing their former bassist Mark Evans. Since then, he has been contributing to the band by both playing the bass and singing the backing vocals. In addition to his ongoing career with AC/DC, Cliff collaborated with many musicians on different projects, including Bosnian musician Emir Bukovica’s band Emir & Frozen Camels.

Brian Johnson Net Worth $90 Million

AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson has a net worth of $90 million which is quite less than his bandmates, Angus Young and Cliff Williams’ net worths.

Before his path crossed with AC/DC, Brian Johnson was a member of the band named Geordie, which he formed along with his bandmates from cabaret/club band the Jasper Hart Band. After the tragic death of Bon Scott, Angus Young recalled Johnson’s name which was mentioned by Scott himself. Apparently, Bon heard Brian’s singing with Geordie and told his bandmates that ‘he was a great rock and roll singer in the style of Little Richard.’

In 1980, Brian Johnson became the official lead singer of AC/DC and started working on some new material, which later became the band’s iconic album, ‘Back in Black.’ Throughout his career with AC/DC, Johnson had to deal with some health problems, such as his hearing issue that forced him to take a break during Rock or Bust World Tour. He was replaced by Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose for the remaining shows on the tour.

Besides his music career, Johnson is involved in other ventures, such as his autobiography called ‘Rockers and Rollers,’ his appearance in the video game ‘Call of Duty: Finest Hour.’ He has been also hosting a show about iconic motor cars, ‘Cars That Rock with Brian Johnson.’ The talented singer donated a portion of his fortune,$335,000 worth of property, to a charity named All-Star Children’s Foundation.