Whitesnake Bassist Says David Coverdale Will Make Music After The Farewell Tour

Whitesnake bassist Tanya O’Callaghan recently revealed that the band would stop touring, as they announced before during a recent interview with VWMusic. However, frontman David Coverdale still has plans to write and release for the upcoming years.

Before the global pandemic delayed their retirement and postponed the tour to 2022, Whitesnake was supposed to end its touring ventures in 2020 with the Farewell Tour. Meanwhile, the band’s bassist Michael Devin left the band before the final round last November. Hence, he was replaced by Tanya O’Callaghan to finish the tour as the band’s new bassist.

Her ventures with the band won’t last long since Coverdale is ending the tours due to his age and exhaustion. He had announced before that touring is the only tricky thing for him to continue, so he still has plans for the band’s discography in the future. Recently, Tanya confirmed this and talked about the band’s Farewell Tour.

She stated that the band would keep recording because Coverdale could not stop writing music and called him a ‘song machine.’ The bassist continued to say that she was honored to be involved in these projects. O’Callaghan is not upset about being involved in the band’s last years. On the contrary, she’s happy because the Farewell Tour is an essential part of Whitesnake.

Here is what O’Callaghan stated about Coverdale:

“Yeah, hopefully. There’s talk of it already. It’s one of the questions. We’ll probably keep recording, so absolutely. It’s just touring that David is done and set with. I don’t think he can ever stop writing music. He’s a song machine; obviously, he’s an incredible songwriter. So, here’s hoping there are loads and loads of albums in the making over the next several years or so. I’d be honored to be involved.

I think that’s actually the best part of it because I get to do the Farewell Tour. I mean, it’s going to be probably two years to do everything, but it’s extra special because David is actually retiring from touring after this. I know a lot of bands do the farewell thing for ten years, but he has said he’s going to continue writing and doing albums, which is awesome.

I think it’s extra special, especially the fact that we’re coming out of the whole world is locked down and not seeing events. I think it’s just going to be magical in terms of energy, and so I love that I’m doing the Farewell Tour. I think it’s super special. It’s not just a tour; it’s the Farewell Tour!”

The Farewell Tour will start in May 2022 in Germany and continue around Europe before it all ends. Currently, it seems like the tour will last until the end of July. The fans are hoping for an extension to see the band on stage as long as possible since this is the last time they will have the opportunity.