When Two Girls Busted Axl Rose’s Hotel Room By Pretending They Are Call Girls

One of the most popular figures of the rock scene is without a doubt the Guns N’ Roses frontman, Axl Rose. Besides his energetic stage performances and six-octave vocal range, he’s mostly known for his notorious behavior, controversial statements, and frequently starting riots.

However, the people who’ve met Axl in person are often shocked by his character. While some say that he’s as arrogant and aggressive as he’s been on stage, others claim that he’s one of the nicest and kindest people they’ve met.

Most people argue that the way Axl will treat you is based on the day he’s having and the way he interacted with two fans who tracked him down by convincing the hotel lobby that they are call girls, in a way proves that this is indeed correct.

How Did Two Women Track Down Axl Rose’s Hotel Room?

Back in 1992, Rolling Stone journalist Kim Neely had an appointment with Axl Rose for an interview and she was invited to his Las Vegas hotel villa. Prior to the interview, the rockstar opened up about his frustration for not having any privacy no matter how hard he tries. Shortly after that, someone started knocking on his door, as if to prove his point.

Axl Rose opens the door only to find two girls outside who apparently tracked him down and posed as call girls in order to get his room number from the hotel clerk. Kim Neely recalled thinking that Axl is probably going to explode and tell them off, based on his reputation as a hothead.

In the article, Kim Neely recalls the first girl saying:

“I hope you know we went to a lot of trouble just to say hello to you.”

And the other girl adds:

“I’m only here because she dragged me here. I’m not a very big Guns n’ Roses fan or anything.”

However, the rockstar actually invites them in with the biggest smile and starts asking them questions, showing interest in their lives, and cracking jokes. They hang out together for almost an hour and he even invites them to stay for dinner. When the girls make fun of him by asking whether he’s going on stage on time the following day, he laughs and continues the joke.

This interaction clearly surprised Neely who expected Axl Rose to be this aggressive and arrogant musician that has little respect for others’ feelings. Nonetheless, Rose’s hospitality and attempt to make his guests ‘feel as if it were the most natural thing in the world to barge in uninvited on a total stranger’ really impressed her.