When The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger Took Revenge On Van Halen


Van Halen released their fourth studio album entitled ‘Fair Warning’ on April 29, 1981. The band started their Fair Warning tour in 1981 to promote their new record. Simultaneously the Rolling Stones also began their tour. This coincidence turned into a collaboration between two bands, and the result didn’t disappoint their fans.

Van Halen performed the opening act for the Rolling Stones on October 24, 1981, in Orlando. This was their second and final appearance on the same stage. Their final show together was not only unforgettable for Van Halen and the Rolling Stones members, but also for Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony’s bass tech Kevin Dugan thanks to Mick Jagger.

Mick Jagger Said ‘I’ll Have You Killed’ To A Van Halen Member


During Van Halen’s performance, there was a problem with Michael Anthony’s bass guitar. Thus, his guitar tech Kevin Dugan took his tools to fix the problem. He was in a hurry because he would make thousands of people wait until the problem was resolved. Therefore, he opened the door and ran to the stage so fast that the door hit a person.

After the door hit that person, he fell down, but Dugan couldn’t find out who he was until the show’s end. The person that Dugan accidentally knocked down was the Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger. Michael Anthony was also very shocked and didn’t believe that his bass tech knocked Jagger on his butt. So, he asked Dugan to find out what had happened.

Michael Anthony’s Kevin Dugan recalled these times, saying:

“Then he says ‘Oh, and one more thing I’ve got to mention. All of the sudden, his facial expression changed, and he lunged at me, grabbed me by my shirt, pulled me towards him, and said, ‘If you ever knock me on my ass again, I’ll have you killed!’

Jagger rolls the window down, and there were 10 people outside laughing and saying, ‘We got you!'”

This happened when Jagger invited Dugan to dinner and wanted him to talk to Anthony about collaborating on his solo album. Suddenly, Jagger grabbed Dugan’s shirt and threatened to kill him because of that accident. Then, he revealed that it was a joke and took his revenge by scaring the young man to death.