When The Police Started A Feud With Rush But Neil Peart Shut Them Down

Feuds between two successful rock bands are widely common since rock music and rivalry-based controversy often go hand in hand. These feuds are often fueled by statements made during interviews, and not many artists prefer to stay away from these highly publicized fights since they provide popularity to some degree.

Believe it or not, there was a time when the Police wanted to draw some attention through such a feud. However, when they tried to instigate a feud with Rush, they missed the heated press they desired since the Canadian icons didn’t respond as expected. Let’s take a closer look at this rare incident to see how the Rush ignored the Police.

The Police Miserably Failed To Start A Feud With Rush

The incident was first revealed by the Police drummer Stewart Copeland when he hosted ‘Classic Rock Week’ on HDNET Movies in 2018. According to the rocker, there was a time when the Police were determined to draw attention by criticizing other bands during their early days.

Copeland revealed that they purposely threw the first stone at Rush to receive a reaction to ignite a press-worthy dispute. The band members, especially drummer Neil Peart, understood the band’s aim and completely ignored their comments to avoid publicity through controversy.

According to the Police drummer, the reason behind this is that Rush members are the nicest people on earth. Thanks to being wise and old enough to see the Police’s games beforehand, Rush members humorously dodged the bullet, making their fellow musicians look like angry teenagers.

According to UCR, Copeland said:

“They’re Canadian. They are the best guys on the planet. I don’t know if being Canadian has anything to do with it, but Rush is one of the best hangs in show business. Back when my band, the Police, was a struggling punk rock band just trying to make noise and cause attention and throwing bombs wherever we could. Rush? That’s someplace where we threw bombs.

And years later, it turns out Rush, the guys in the band and Neil Peart, is so Canadian that he didn’t even mind, and we became really great friends in spite of the fact that we used to criticize his band when we were just trying to get attention. I think he’s old and wise and Canadian enough to understand all that. They couldn’t be nicer if they were New Zealanders, also a nation that only produces good people.”

The fact that Rush didn’t clap back actually worked in both bands’ favor in the long run as they are close friends now even though they criticized Rush to get attention. Fortunately for their fans, both rockers now only have nice things to say for each other.