When Taylor Hawkins And Tommy Lee Got Kicked Out Of Gwen Stefani’s House


Taylor Hawkins’ recent death has made the entire rock and roll music industry grieve. Many musicians couldn’t believe that their friend and one of the best drummers in the world had passed away so suddenly. Hawkins died in his hotel room in Columbia on March 25, and even though there was evidence of drug-related death, the cause of his death is still unknown. After the tragic event, Foo Fighters canceled their upcoming concert dates and took a break from everything to grieve for as long as they needed to.

One of his close friends, fellow drummer and Mötley Crüe member Tommy Lee was devastated by the news and was out of words to say and share on his social media accounts. Tommy Lee knew the core, and the deep end of the rock and roll’s partying life with his band and has challenged death quite a few times before. At almost 60 years old, Lee leads a calm life with his wife but once shared a crazy memory with the late drummer.

What Happened At Taylor Hawkins And Tommy Lee’s Crazy Party Night?


The two drummers were very close, and their shared many adventures that fans love to talk about every now and then. Tommy Lee’s adventures are depicted in the Mötley Crüe biopic ‘The Dirt.’ On the other hand, Taylor Hawkins had talked about his adventures and recalled the time he had a big one with Lee.

In 2016, Taylor Hawkins talked about when the two drummers celebrated the New Year. They went to the pop star Gwen Stefani’s house to celebrate but were kicked out by the security guards. The rockers’ drunkness and behavior weren’t welcomed in the pop star’s home. They later went to a strip bar and fell asleep outside. The effects of alcohol were very prominent that night, and Hawkins had felt glad to be alive.

Here is how he told the New Years story in 2016:

“I did a lot of stupid shit when I was drinking, but I remember getting kicked out of Gwen Stefani’s house. I, my brother, and Tommy Lee went out on New Year’s Eve, and we went to Gwen’s nice new house. We literally got kicked out by their security, and then I think we went to a strip bar, and then I woke up in a bush in Laurel Canyon. That’s how I saw the New Year that year. I was such a dumb kid, and I’m so lucky to still be here.”

Even though Hawkins was known to have suffered from alcohol addiction for a while, the cause of his death wasn’t certainly related to alcohol or drugs. According to the reports from the Columbian police, the drummer had called the reception to ask for help regarding his chest pain, but when the ambulance arrived, he was already gone.