When Sinead O’Connor Broke Anthony Kiedis’ Heart

The Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis and the late musician Sinead O’Connor have a lot of history or do they? According to Kiedis’ memoir, ‘Scar Tissue,’ they first met at a festival backstage in 1989 which started their love affair. However from Sinead’s perspective they were never in love nor in a relationship.

Here’s what Sinead had to say to Uncut in 2013 about the chapter Anthony wrote about their ‘relationship’:

“Ah, dear old Anthony [Kiedis] from the Chili Peppers, or Walter Mitty as I call him. He claims there was some romance between us. Which is absolutely untrue. I hung out with the guy for a few weeks. He thinks he’s God’s gift to women, and I think he had it in his head that I fancied him, which I utterly didn’t.”

The late singer who passed away recently had also shared that she made it clear to the Chili Peppers’ singer that she wasn’t interested by adding:

“One day, Jake, my son, who was then about three, was very ill, and Anthony gave us a lift to hospital. Which was very kind of him. Then, inside the hospital, Anthony made a bit of a pass at me. I thought it a bit inappropriate to grope me given that I was distressed and upset about my son, and I did lose my f*cking head at him. “

She continued:

“And, as for his claims that he kissed me, it must have been some other bald bitch, because it certainly wasn’t me. I’d have to wash my mouth out a lot if I did anything like that, for f*ck’s sake!”

While Sinead denied Anthony’s words the singer even wrote the song ‘I Could Have Lied’ about his heartbreak. In his autobiography, he wrote:

“I was shattered. It had gone overnight from ‘Can’t wait to see you again’ to ‘Don’t call and don’t come by.’ I didn’t know who to turn to, so I called up John [Frusciante]. He was irate that she could treat me like that, and he suggested that I write about it and we’d get together later that night and create a song.”

You can read Sinead O’Connor’s 2013 interview with Uncut here and listen to ‘I Could Have Lied’ below.