When Mick Jagger Described His Controversial Public Image As ‘Journalistic Claptrap’

Mick Jagger is undoubtedly one of the greatest rock and roll frontmen in the history of rock music. Since the Rolling Stones‘ formation, Jagger achieved international fame as the lead vocalist and co-founder of the band and has been praised for his iconic stage persona. With his songwriting, distinctive voice, energetic live shows, and ‘moves like Jagger,’ the iconic musician still rocks the stages around the world, despite being 78 years old.

Throughout his career in the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger has not only been known for his musicianship but also his romantic involvements and controversies surrounding him. Since the mid-1960s, when the band developed its anti-establishment image, Jagger has been an icon of the counterculture with his drug-related arrests, relationships, sexual on-stage antics, and provocative lyrics. So, he has been one of the dominant cultural figures of his era.

Although he has not been the protagonist of controversies for a long time, Jagger made the headlines many times. For instance, his intimate relationship with David Bowie caused several rumors regarding their sexual intimacy. Moreover, the press even claimed the Canadian First Lady Margaret Trudeau had an affair with Jagger, and she might have had an orgy with the band members. So, it’s clear that Jagger has been a controversial public figure. However, what the idol thought about his portrayal is also quite interesting. Let’s learn the details.

Mick Jagger Described What The Press Wrote About Him As Journalistic Claptrap

Being a famous and iconic frontman in the rock music world is often associated with the ‘sex, drugs, and rock & roll’ lifestyle. Although it was also the case for Mick Jagger as he lived life to its fullest back when he was a young rock icon, there were still many rumors and controversies surrounding him, mostly far away from the truth. In a 1984 interview with 60 Minutes Australia, the musician reflected upon his public image created by the media.

During the conversation, the reporter Jana Wendt asked Jagger what he thought about his then-current public image. Jagger stated that he doesn’t really care and has never been worried about it. After the reporter said there have been so many things written about him over the years, Jagger described those news reports as ‘journalistic claptrap.’ The musician said the media uses whatever they need to at that moment and describes him as various things, and they are just journalistic cliches.

60 Minutes reporter Jana Wendt asked Mick Jagger the following:

“What do you think your public image is today?”

As a response, Mick Jagger said:

“I have no idea, really. I don’t really care. I’ve never worried about what it is.

Wendt then said:

“It has been so many things over the years.”

Jagger responded:

It’s journalistic claptrap, all of it. Now, they want to make use of this this year, or they want to make you into a 40-year-old healthy degenerate, a jet-setting celebrity, or a satanic. It’s just journalistic cliches, really. Mostly from Australian newspaper people, I’m very sorry.”

You can watch the interview below.