When John Lennon Funded A Paramilitary Terrorist Organization And Got Deported From The US


John Lennon is one of the most well-known musicians of all time and aside from his talents as a songwriter and singer, the rock icon was also known for his revolutionary ideas, peaceful protests, and hopeful speeches. However, according to some recent findings, Lennon was not as peaceful as many of us think.

‘Imagine’ became the theme song of many protests demanding a world of peace without borders and divisions between ethnicities and religions. Millions have sung it since its release in 1971 and many have applauded the late rockstar for being a great representative of nonviolent resistance.

However, according to a journalist’s findings, Lennon himself wasn’t as peaceful and was suspected of conspiring to disrupt a national political convention and contributing financially to a paramilitary terrorist organization. In this article, we’ll try to shed some light on John Lennon’s unknown political activism.

How Did John Lennon Contribute To The Vietnam War Protests?


Even though most rock fans think that John Lennon was a part of the revolutions that took place in the ’70s only with his bed-ins and inspirational songs, he was actually very much involved. As you might already know, Jerry Rubin was a social activist and anti-war leader who was known for his support for Black Power, his protests against the Vietnam War, and support for other causes.

According to the podcast Jake Brennan, on December 10, 1971, John Lennon joined Jerry Rubin on stage in Pontiac Stadium Detroit in front of thousands of people to protest against Richard Nixon and his political agenda. In 1971, the political climate in the United States was quite tense. Jerry Rubin and his Yippies (Youth International Party Members) were taking the streets, demanding change both violently and peacefully.

John Lennon identified with their causes and joined them in their resistance even though he was not American and was staying in the United States with a visa granted by the federal government. However, every day John Lennon started realizing more and more that he could do more until one day, he told his friend Jerry Rubin that he’s decided to get rid of his ‘possessions complex.’

Did John Lennon Fund A Paramilitary Terrorist Organization Named IRA?


After the news about their charity broke, people started visiting John Lennon and Yoko Ono in their humble apartment on Bank Street, New York. Lennon and Ono started helping out financially to a lot of groups such as ex-cons, Black Panthers, White Panthers, Jerry Reubens’ next-generation campus warriors.

In the meantime, John Lennon’s political activism started getting all the more violent. In fact, years later Rubin revealed that John Lennon often blamed Yoko Ono for his pacifist past as she was the one who encouraged him to be peaceful, but he himself continued feeling angry, which seems to have sent him some dangerous roads.

It was widely known that Lennon’s phone was being tracked and the FBI was following him as they disliked the fact that he was a foreigner encouraging the American youth to revolt. All these were nothing but rumors until two decades ago, an MI5 intelligence officer David Shayler revealed that he had come across some files which stated that John Lennon had funded the provisional IRA.

The paramilitary division was known to be one of the most violent domestic terrorist organizations of all time but it looks like Lennon still supported their cause. Bloody Sunday was a massacre that took place on 30 January 1972 in Northern Ireland when British soldiers shot 26 civilians during a protest march. Following that, when Lennon was asked about the event, he said he stands with the IRA.

This is what he said after the event:

“If it’s a choice between the IRA and the British army, I am with the IRA.”

Shortly after that, he allegedly gave Jerry Rubin and his crew $2.000 and funded the violent disruption of the Democratic-Republican Conventions in Miami in the summer of 1972. It has been speculated that this was the reason why Lennon was deported from the United States.

Nonetheless, Yoko Ono denied the allegations considering both the IRA and Rubin’s protests saying that Lennon supported their causes but in a peaceful way. However, she also added that he used to send money to a lot of countries including Ireland in order to help out the people in need.