When Jimmy Page Was Chained To A Toilet By Led Zeppelin’s Tour Manager


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page can be considered as one of the most iconic and inspiring guitarists of all time. He is currently number three on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time with his extraordinary and unique guitar skills. As the godfather of rock music, Jimmy Page has been not only known for his skills as a guitarist but also for his extraordinary way of life.

Page’s life was always full of sex, drugs, and rock and roll until he decided to give up on using heroin at end of the 80s. This way of life led to different kinds of scandalous and unforgettable moments for Page and other members of Led Zeppelin. Most of the uncontrollable acts of Page ended when the tour manager chained him in the toilets of hotel rooms.

The Reason Behind Jimmy Page’s Being Chained To A Toilet


It has been widely known that Jimmy Page had two hobbies which are wearing Nazi uniforms and having drug parties with drag queens in transvestite clubs before and after his performances with Led Zeppelin. He was so persistent in these activities that he kept doing them in every city that he visited until he ended up being chained in a toilet.

Led Zeppelin’s favorite groupie Pamela Des Barres revealed these hobbies of Page including crazy heroin parties with drag queens mostly went out of control for Page’s friends and the band’s tour manager. Page, who was under the heavy influence on drugs and alcohol, tended to damage the hotel room and caused great problems between the hotel staff and Led Zeppelin so the tour manager decided to chain him to a toilet.

Pamela Des Barres recalled these times saying:

“When his behavior got particularly uncontrollable, the band’s tour manager would take him back to his hotel room and chain him to the toilet – with a groupie, if it was his lucky day – until it was time to move on.”

Therefore, It seems that the Led Zeppelin tour manager found a quick solution for the problems which emerged during Jimmy Page’s drug-fueled moments. The solution was chaining Jimmy Page in a toilet with a groupie companion until he gained his consciousness or it was time to leave the hotel.