When Incubus’ Brandon Boyd Saved Dave Grohl

After Paramore frontwoman, Hayley Williams, canceled some shows from the band’s latest tour because of a lung infection, people had criticized her for not being ‘as strong as Dave Grohl‘ who, famously, took the stage after breaking his leg.

However, it seems that there were times when even Grohl couldn’t take the stage and sought help from fellow musicians. Brandon Boyd, Incubus’ frontman, for instance, had once saved the Foo Fighters singer from a challenging situation.

The singer was speaking with Alternative Nation in 2015 when the story surfaced. The host had asked Boyd what it was like to perform in 2008 during The Who’s VH-1 Rock Honors concert, and he started to recall the show while also explaining how he’d saved Grohl:

“We were honored to be asked. We were only supposed to play one song. That was more than enough for us. We learned the track and rehearsed it quite a bit.”

He then explained how the Foo Fighters singer asked him a favor:

“The Foo Fighters were playing too and when we got there, Dave Grohl approached us and asked us if we would play the second song that they were supposed to play because he was sick and his voice was messed up. We were like, ‘Uhh… Yes.'”

Brandon carried on by opening up about how they managed to perform a new unrehearsed song:

“The second song we played, ‘I Can’t Explain,’ we learned in the trailer. Then we went on live TV and played it. It was cool and the fact that we pulled off made it even more fun.”

The rocker also mentioned how he felt about getting the chance to perform alongside Foo Fighters and other rock icons to honor the Who:

“Getting to share the stage with The Foo Fighters, Tenacious D, The Who, and all the others that were there was incredible. For us as a band, it was a really important night.”

He further added to his praises:

“To be able to be around all those guys too and speak to them was pretty special. I think back on that night very often as well. I love stuff like that.”

Although Grohl couldn’t take the stage to sing ‘I Can’t Explain,’ he still performed two songs from the Who’s catalog with his band and guest lead vocal, Supergrass’ Gaz Coombes.