Don Henley And Glenn Frey’s Ultimatum To Joe Walsh

We can all imagine what follows after a rocker receives too much spotlight—excessive partying, drinking too many glasses of wine, experimenting with drugs, and the usual dislike of monogamy. So, if one thinks this sort of lifestyle is all fun with no consequences, trust us when we say no, it’s not just fun.

It’s safe to say that many rockers deal with lifelong struggles with addiction and spend a fortune on substances and then rehab. In fact, Steven Tyler is probably one of the most prominent examples, as he spent approximately $20 million on drugs. So, wealth might disappear as quickly as it comes, and a rocker might find themselves desperate and seeking help.

While Joe Walsh was going through one of the lowest points in his life, former bandmates Don Henley and singer Glenn Frey came to him with an offer. However, this life-changing offer was paired with an ultimatum, and Walsh needed to reconsider his lifestyle to take this chance.

It would also be fair to say that rockers love giving one another ultimatums, and there has been more than one incident in the past where at least one bandmate threatened the other to get what they want. A similar incident occurred when Axl Rose asked Slash and Izzy Stradlin to stop using heroin and threatened them with leaving the act if they didn’t.

Something similar happened to Joe Walsh as he had spent too much money on alcohol and found himself on his own with no projects to keep the money pouring in. However, maybe the most significant downside was that there was no music in Joe’s life anymore, so when Don and Glenn asked the guitarist to reunite with the Eagles, he was ready to accept the offer.

However, Henley and Frey wanted him to get sober before joining the band again, and after some consideration, Walsh decided to take on the chance and change his lifestyle to be with his beloved band again. In a chat with GQ in 2019, Walsh discussed these challenging times as he recalled Don and Glenn’s ultimatum.

“We were on top of the world with the Eagles, and we were wild and crazy,” told Walsh before he confessed his struggle with substance abuse. “That was okay back then, in the late ’70s. And in 1980, we just ran out of steam.”

He continued, “After about 15 years, Don Henley and Glenn Frey came to me and said, ‘We have been thinking of starting the Eagles back up again, and we can’t do it without you, and we can’t do it unless you’re sober.’ I was just about homeless. If I got sober, the Eagles would be back together. And I said to myself, ‘Man, if I’m going to do this, this is my chance.’”

So, Don and Glenn’s ultimatum seems to have saved Walsh’s life as the guitarist struggled to keep up with his lifestyle and alcohol addiction. The rocker decided to start a new life and focus on his physical and mental health to create music once again, and it is clear that Henley and Glenn’s offer encouraged him to make the necessary changes.