When Bruce Dickinson Admitted He Was Jealous Of Slipknot

During a conversation with BBC World years ago, the iconic Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson admitted that there was a time when he was jealous of Slipknot.

Every other band has its own signature moves on the stage, but when it comes to performing, a few bands come to mind; some are Metallica, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Mötley Crüe, and of course, Slipknot. The band is famous for creating a stage show similar to a warzone.

In the conversation, Bruce mentioned that everybody brings their own toys to the stage to create the best experience for the audience, but he is really into what Slipknot has been doing. While saying that Slipknot has a fabulous show kit, Bruce also confessed that he is pretty jealous of their fires and flames and showed his admiration for the North American band.

Furthermore, the British frontman said in the interview that he really wants to use pyros for the upcoming Iron Maiden shows. This interview was done years ago, and as we know now, pyro has become one of the band’s traditions.

Bruce Dickinson revealed his admiration for Slipknot:

“Obviously we do what we do for two hours, and a lot of our stuff now is semi-theatrical and proggy. Whereas Slipknot is theatrical but much more rrrraaaaahhhh! The audience get a really good variation of stuff.

We’re the headliners so we are doing our usual set. We’ve got ourselves some new toys for it, so there’s one or two spectacular monsters and things like that, but I think everybody brings their toys out for a festival!

I mean, Slipknot have got some fabulous kit. I’m very jealous of their flames and fire! We haven’t gone with any pyro at all on this tour. I think the next time we go out we will.

We like to alternate it every other year because if you get the reputation that you’ve got to go and see a band because of the pyro and then you don’t do the pyro people think, ‘oh, I won’t bother then.”

At that time, Iron Maiden was touring with Sonisphere festivals around Europe where they visited Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, and many more European countries along with Slipknot.