When Billy Gibbons Became A Street Guitarist But Wasn’t Recognized By Anyone


Billy Gibbons made a name for himself with ZZ Top, but his debut was actually with the band Moving Sidewalks, with whom he released several singles and a studio album. Later on, he formed ZZ Top in 1969, and they released their debut studio album, ‘ZZ Top’s First Album,’ in 1971.

ZZ Top released fifteen studio albums in total in their longtime music career, and they have been working on a new album. Besides his successful journey with ZZ Top, Gibbons has also pursued a solo career and released three solo studio albums. His latest solo album, ‘Hardware,’ was released on June 4, 2021, and it mostly received positive reviews from music critics.

Billy Gibbons is accepted as one of the most distinctive guitarists with his blues-oriented sounds. It is known that his interest in blues comes from his childhood as he would watch B.B. King performing on the stage. The other blues musicians that heavily inspired him were legends like Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, and Lightnin’ Hopkins. As a talented guitarist, you may assume that Billy Gibbons is a recognizable figure for many, especially when bearing in mind his unique look, but it seems like it is not the always case.

What Happened When Billy Gibbons Decided To Play Guitar In The Streets Of Helsinki?


Billy Gibbons has achieved worldwide popularity, but apparently, there are still some places where he isn’t always surrounded by a crowd. In a video circulating on Youtube from 2016, Billy Gibbons starts playing guitar in the streets of Helsinki, Finland, but the people passing by don’t seem very interested in him or his playing.

This sweet story kicked off when Billy Gibbons heard a street musician playing guitar in the streets of Helsinki. Gibbons had gone shopping with his wife and followed the sound to see who this musician was. Then, the man told Billy that he knew him and offered his guitar to him.

Gibbons accepted the offer and played guitar for a few minutes, but as it appears on the video, there wasn’t much response from the passerbys. A few people gave him curious looks, and some seemed to enjoy his music, but there wasn’t a crowd around him as you might have expected.

If it were in the United States, many people would probably be surrounding him, but being in a different country certainly affected the attention he received. Many people commented that they were shocked that people passed by while Billy was playing. Some said that ZZ Top is not very famous in Finland, so it is not surprising that people didn’t recognize him.

Of course, we don’t know for sure whether people recognized him or not. Maybe people just wanted to be respectful and didn’t want to distract him while performing, were too intimidated to approach him, or just didn’t believe that a rock icon would be playing on the street.

You can watch Billy Gibbons’ video while playing guitar in the street below.