When Billie Joe Armstrong Listed The Three Bands Changed Green Day’s Musical Direction


Green Day‘s seventh studio album named ‘American Idiot,‘ released in 2004, was a concept album called ‘punk rock opera’ by the members. The band was on the rise with this album by having places in many countries’ charts. They reached the top of the Billboard 200 for the first time. ‘American Idiot’ became one of the most commercially successful albums by selling more than 16 million copies globally. The album also won the award for Best Rock Album at the 2005 Grammys.

The next album released in 2009, ‘21st Century Breakdown,‘ received positive critical views. The record reached high rankings in many countries, including US and UK. In 2010, Green Day won Grammy Award for Best Rock Album with this record. Although this album was also considered a rock opera, the band reflected some changes in their music in ’21st Century Breakdown,’ which is different than ‘American Idiot.’ Some impactful bands influenced these changes in Green Day’s music.

Which Bands Influenced Green Day In ’21st Century Breakdown?’


Although ‘American Idiot’ and ’21st Century Breakdown’ reflected the political views of their era, many critics stated that Green Day evolved their music by adopting heavier, louder pop-rock and stadium rock in this new album. The band used louder guitar and drum songs besides several ballads. Some impactful bands inspired this evolution in Green Day’s music in ’21st Century Breakdown.’

In a past interview with MTV, vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong mentioned that while talking about ’21st Century Breakdown,’ they did not decide to change their music; instead, it happened naturally. According to the singer, the band went with the flow and created a different sound in the album.

Billie Joe Armstrong said in his words:

“We just wanted to evolve naturally. There was no decision like, ‘This is how we’re gonna sound.’ But for this, it was like, ‘Let’s keep moving forward and see where the music takes us.'”

Nevertheless, in the same interview, Armstrong continued that because he loves The Who, Cheap Trick, and Ramones, the band wanted to take a step toward power-pop and pop-punk sounds in their new creation. As the rocker stated, they wanted to extend their sound with the inspiration from these influential bands.

Armstrong added:

“I love a lot of, like, British invasion. I love, like, the Who and Cheap Trick and the Ramones. And it’s like trying to take that power-pop or that pop-punk or whatever you want to call it, and stretching it into places that are further than we’ve ever gone.”

You can listen to ‘American Idiot’ and ’21st Century Breakdown’ below.