You Can Now Join Fear Factory As Touring Bassist, Only If You Follow These 12 Rules

Fear Factory has issued a call for anyone interested in filling in on bass when their current bassist, Tony Campos, is occupied with his main project, Static-X. Campos has resumed his role as the full-time bassist in Static-X since their comeback in late 2018.

But before considering applicants, Fear Factory has outlined specific criteria they are seeking in their temporary musician.

What Fear Factory Is Looking In A New Bassist

Before picking a touring bassist, the groove metal band ensures that you have all the qualities listed in their 12 requirements.

On their official Facebook account, Fear Factory shared the list of ‘must haves.’ They wrote:

“Looking for a pro bassist to fill in for Tony Campos whenever he’s on tour with Static X.
Must Haves:
1)Plays With A Pick (no fingers)
2)Touring Experience
3)Up to date Passport
4)No criminal record
5)No hard drugs
6)Not an alcoholic but must be able to walk a straight line after a bottle of tequila (cause Tony can do it)
7)Plays well with others
8)5 string bass
9)In-ear monitors  required for click track.
10)USA residence preferred
11)Post a video performing Fuel Injected Suicide Machine
12)Ego is not your Amigo
*Serious Inquiries Only*”

The rockers however did not drop any information on how to get in contact with them for the job.

Who Was The Former Touring Bassist?

Campos has been focusing on his main band, Static-X, and has been on tour for a long time, most of which overlap the dates of Fear Factory. As a result, the band had looked for a bassist earlier as well. Later, the band enlisted Javier Arriaga from Scattered Storm to perform bass for their U.S. shows in October 2023, as well as certain European dates. Arriaga, known for his drumming in Scattered Storm and prior roles as Fear Factory’s guitar and drum technician, temporarily replaced Campos.

You can see the post here.