What ‘Zorky Charlemagne’ Means For Mötley Crüe And Mick Mars

Mick Mars, the lead guitarist and the co-founder of Mötley Crüe had a lot of history before he succeeded with the band. His musical life began when he dropped out of school to play and concentrate more on improving himself in music. He would always play his guitar in his parent’s shed, but eventually, he didn’t think that he would succeed this way.

Because of this, he moved out of his parents’ place to another apartment. He had to share that apartment with a group of bikers because he couldn’t afford it on his own at the age of 19. His complicated path to his musical career started after this decision. Mars met a woman, married her, and had two children with her, but because his priority was always music, he decided that it wasn’t suitable for him to work at day jobs for the kids instead of focusing on playing with a band. His wife took the kids and left him, yet this didn’t seem to stop Mars from pursuing his career.

Who Is Zorky Charlemagne?

Mars would take gigs with bands through the 1970s and while he did, he would use the name ‘Zorky Charlemagne.’ This name is important for him and Mötley Crüe because some major coincidences occurred under the name Charlemagne.

Mars was first in a band named White Horse whom he played with for 7 years and then got kicked out for suggesting the band name ‘Mötley Cru’ to them. He still didn’t give up and continued to look for his place in the music world. One day when Mars entered a liquor store to buy some tequila, he had a brief conversation with the guy named Frank at the cashier who told him that he looks like a ‘Rock and Roller’ type. Mars invited Frank to see him play, and they exchanged phone numbers. When he was performing at this time, he was known as Zorky Charlemagne.

After a while, Mars gave an advertisement on ‘The Recycler’ that he is ‘a loud, rude and aggressive guitar player’ and he is looking for a band. Later Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee reached out to him and stated that they wanted to form a band. With that union, Mars realized that Frank from behind the counter at the liquor store was Nikki Sixx who knew him as Zorky Charlemagne.