What We Know About Victoria De Angelis From Maneskin

Victoria De Angelis discovered her passion and interest in music at a very young age, and she began playing guitar when she was eight. Then, in middle school, she decided to learn and play bass guitar, and De Angelis knew that creating and performing would always be inseparable parts of her life. Considering her success and popularity as a young female musician, she was right about chasing her dreams.

In addition, De Angelis started to struggle with panic attacks then and, unfortunately, lost her mother because of cancer when she was fifteen years old. Therefore, making music was her lifeboat while suffering a loss as a teenage girl that needed to grow up without her mother and take care of her little sister Veronica. However, the bassist wasn’t a person that gave up quickly and moved on with her life.

The Details About Victoria De Angelis’ Life And Career

The beginning of everything can be defined as her meeting with Thomas Raggi and later Damiano David during her teenage years, who would be her bandmates soon. These young Italian artists who were in love with music couldn’t know that they would form one of the most famous rock bands nowadays, Måneskin. The band’s co-founder and bassist, De Angelis, was essential to this journey to fame and glory.

The bassist and Raggi founded their band in 2015 along with David and Ethan Torchio, that joined, but it wasn’t official until they came up with its unique name. They needed to find it to join Pulse, a local music contest for emerging bands, and they decided on Måneskin, which means ‘Moonlight’ in Danish. They first gained national attention after being the contestants in the Italian talent show ‘X Factor’ in 2017.

Although they couldn’t win the contest, Måneskin became winners on the rock music stage with their bold style and extraordinary talents as musicians and performers. They released two studio albums ‘Il ballo della vita’ and ‘Teatro d’ira: Vol.I.’ The actual popularity and success came after winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Since then, their lives drew attention, and De Angelis became among her generation’s most known female rockers.

As a person who inspired many young girls, the Måneskin bassist stated that Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, Avril Lavigne, David Bowie, and Kurt Cobain greatly influenced her musical style and career. Moreover, apart from her prolific career, their fans wanted to know more aspects of her life. The musician revealed that she’s bisexual and a great supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Although she didn’t confirm anything about the relationship between her and David, she stated that they are more than friends, with a deeper connection.