Meat Loaf’s Confession About Jon Bon Jovi’s Lyrics

It’s common for artists to collaborate with other names and sing songs written by them. Meat Loaf was also among those, as he sang songs written by Jim Steinman and Diane Warren, apart from the ones he wrote. Meat Loaf rose to prominence throughout his career with his powerful, wide-ranging vocals and theatrical stage shows, becoming one of the best-selling artists thanks to his talents and his collaborative efforts with other songwriters.

When Meat Loaf was working on his tenth studio album ‘Hang Cool Teddy Bear,’ he recruited eight songwriters for the album, including Jon Foreman, Desmond Child, Kara DioGuardi, The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins, Rick Brantley, Eric Sean Nally, Tommy Henriksen, and Jon Bon Jovi. However, the musician decided to alter the lyrics of the song Jon Bon Jovi, Desmond Child, and Billy Falcon wrote for him.

Meat Loaf wanted ‘Hang Cool Teddy Bear’ to reflect a story in each of the songs, which represented different scenarios to take place in the future. When Jovi, Desmond Child, and Falcon presented him with the song ‘Elvis In Vegas,’ the musician felt the need to change the lyrics to suit what he had in his mind.

During a live show at a London listening party, Meat Loaf revealed that he altered the lyrics of ‘Elvis In Vegas’ without informing Jon Bon Jovi about it. He stated that he didn’t know how Jon would react but added that their long-time friendship would probably prevent any issues between them.

Jon doesn’t know this yet, but I changed his lyrics to make them fit the concept,” Meat Loaf admitted, implying the first version of ‘Elvis In Vegas’ wasn’t what he wanted. “I don’t know what Jon will say about that, but I’ve known him since 1980, so he’ll probably be okay with it.”

So, the original version of ‘Elvis In Vegas’ didn’t suit what Meat Loaf had in his mind. As a result, he decided to change the lyrics to make the song fit the album’s concept. As he and Jon Bon Jovi had been friends since 1980, Meat Loaf was sure that the musician wouldn’t be mad at him for doing this.