What We Can Expect From Avril Lavigne’s 2021 New Album?

Avril Lavigne took her official Instagram account to promote her new collaboration with Mod Son, and she replied one of the most wondered questions about her upcoming album.

As you might already know, Avril mentioned last year that she has been working on new music and will release them in 2021. After a while, she confirmed that she was recording with the people such as Machine Gun Kelly, Mod Sun, Travis Barker, and more.

Earlier this month, Avril Lavigne collaborated with Mod Sun to release a new single, Flames. Three days ago, they released a new music video of this song. It viewed over 2M times in less than three days, and the number is still rising.

In the comment section of Avril’s Instagram post, one of the fans wondered what her new album will sound like and Avril replied to this question with an honest and satisfying answer.

According to Avril’s answer, her upcoming album will feature lots of genres. She stated that it will be a mix of pop-punk and rock and roll, and in this way, she excited her followers.

One of the fans of Avril asked:

“Will your new music be similar to Flames?”

Avril Lavigne replied:

“My new music will be pop punk rock and roll.”

You can check out the post by clicking here and watch the song below.