What Is Twisted Sister Icon Dee Snider’s Net Worth In 2021?

Dee Snider has been described as one of the most successful and popular heavy metal icons as the frontman of Twisted Sister for more than 40 years. Snider gained worldwide fame and great fortune thanks to his remarkable career in Twisted Sister along with his solo career and other projects.

Twisted Sister was originally named Silver Star and had been through several line-up changes before it settled down its iconic members. The band’s classic line-up consisted of Dee Snider as the lead vocalist, Jay Jay French and Eddie ‘Fingers’ Ojeda as the guitarists, Mark ‘The Animal’ Mendoza as the bassist, and A. J. Pero as the drummer. The band released their debut studio album ‘Under the Blade’ on September 18, 1982.

Dee Snider Net Worth $7 Million

Twisted Sister’s debut album, ‘Under the Blade,’ received very positive reviews and was sold over two million copies all around the world. Twisted Sister’s success and popularity were followed by ‘You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll,’ ‘Stay Hungry,’ ‘Come Out and Play,’ ‘Love Is for Suckers,’ ‘Still Hungry,’ and ‘A Twisted Christmas.’ Dee Snider has become a worldwide known frontman with his career in the band who now has a net worth of $7 million.

Snider also formed two different bands Desperado and Widowmaker along with Twisted Sister. In addition to his career as a member of different bands, he has been pursuing a very successful solo musical career. Dee released his first solo studio album entitled ‘Never Let the Bastards Wear You Down’ which was followed by three more solo albums.

Moreover, Snider collaborated with many bands, Lordi, Avantasia, and Monster Truck and he appeared on different tv shows such as ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ and ‘Cobra Kai’ with many more. Dee Snider became one of the richest frontmen who has a $7 million net worth with the help of his musical and acting career in different projects.