When Tom Petty Broke Down The Prejudices Against George Harrison


George Harrison contributed to The Beatles’ undeniable success with his guitar and songwriting skills. His songs achieved critical acclaim, and after 1965, the band’s releases contained at least two songs created by Harrison. His hit songs include ‘Within You Without You,’ ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps,’ and ‘Here Comes the Sun,’ which are also among the band’s best-known songs.

Each Beatle had gotten a nickname, which was based on their personalities. John Lennon was known as ‘The Smart One,’ Paul McCartney as ‘The Cute One,’ Ringo Starr as ‘The Funny One’ and George Harrison ‘The Quiet One.’ People in forums and blogs talk about how Starr and Harrison stayed in the shadows while Lennon or McCartney attracted all the attention.

The Reason Why George Harrison Was Nicknamed ‘The Quiet One.’


We can understand the reasons why the band was nicknamed with such attributions, yet, what does ‘The Quiet One’ really mean? Harrison was as involved in the band’s business as any other member, and he did create, sing and play a lot of songs.

However, four years after the band’s formation, Harrison got ill and was diagnosed with Strep throat, an infection at the back of the throat. The doctor told him to limit his speaking for a while, and he stayed quiet, and that’s how he got the nickname.

Was George Harisson Quiet Even After The Throat Infection?


Tom Petty was really close to Harrison as they were in the supergroup The Traveling Wilburys alongside Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, and Roy Orbison. According to Petty, Harrison was not the quiet one at all. In fact, he stated that he is one of the best people you can hang out with, which makes him anything but quiet.

Here is what Petty stated about Harrison:

He never shut up. He was the best hang you could imagine.”

It seems like because of the illness he had in 1964, Harrison had to stay quiet and not speak for a short period. Even though he was as social, fun, and talkative as the other Beatles, this nickname stuck with him, giving the fans a wrong impression. Thanks to Tom Petty, they now know that his nickname wasn’t a rightful one.

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