What Adam Lambert Thinks About Making New Music With Queen, Roger Taylor Tells

Queen drummer Roger Taylor revealed that the band previously attempted on an original song in addition to revealing the fact that touring frontman Adam Lambert would happily join if they release new music during an interview with Classic Rock Magazine.

As many of you know, Adam Lambert and Queen have been performing since 2011 and they are often referred to as ‘Queen + Adam Lambert.’ Their first tour was Queen + Adam Lambert Tour back in 2012 in Europe and have been globally touring since then. Queen + Adam Lambert also recorded two live albums, ‘Live in Japan,’ and ‘Live Around The World’ both of which consist of the performances in their tours.

While Queen + Adam Lambert have been performing for a decade now, they have always performed Queen’s legendary songs, and an original track from the collaboration has never been mentioned although fans have always thought it would be a good idea.

During a recent interview, Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor revealed that Queen + Adam Lambert once attempted to record an original song that came from a friend, however, the project never concluded. In addition to this, Roger Taylor revealed that Adam Lambert made it clear that he’s always ready to record a new song when May and Taylor wants.

Here is what Taylor said:

“It would be nice to do some stuff. I wouldn’t rule it out. Adam has said, ‘Any time you want me to sing on something…’ If the other two decide, ‘Let’s do something,’ I’d be there.

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