Vivian Campbell Admits Not Being Able To Contribute To Def Leppard’s New Album

Vivian Campbell sat down for an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock and spoke about Def Leppard‘s new album, which was produced remotely during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced ‘contactless’ socialization forms, especially when the restrictions and measures were more severe. The mediator of this new form of socialization was technology. Those who had the means and familiarity quickly adapted to this new era, but some struggled to deal with technology. Apparently, that was also the case for Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell.

The band released a new album, ‘Diamond Star Halos,’ in the spring of 2022. It was the band’s first studio album since 2015, and the members produced this album virtually. They recorded their parts separately and handed in their individual parts to their engineer to piece them together. Speaking about the recording process of this album in his last interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Vivian Campbell revealed that he could not contribute to this album as much as he wanted.

The guitarist disclosed that he lacks technological skills, and although he has tried to catch up with the developments and learn, he is not very good at it. Campbell said he felt really bad because he could not contribute as much but aims to change this. The famous musician stated that he wants to contribute more to their next record and will try to be more prepared for this.

Here is how Campbell shared his feelings about their last record:

“I missed the boat on the new record ’cause I’m not a technical guy, and my time was spent just catching up and trying to learn the technology curve, the software, and whatnot. I definitely feel bad about that. So I want to contribute a lot to the next Def Leppard record, whenever that is. I’ll try to be a bit more prepared and develop my technical skills, as well as my playing and writing.”

You can listen to Def Leppard’s new release on Spotify below.