Vito Bratta Refuses To Share Eddie Van Halen’s Response To ‘Clone’ Label

Vito Bratta recently chatted with Guitar World and recalled how Eddie Van Halen comparisons used to bother him. White Lion guitarist even shared how he used to be called ‘a Van Halen clone,’ saying:

“That always bothered me. I read all of it back in the 80s. Guys will say they don’t read people’s words, but I did. I remember seeing it in magazines, and people would tell me, ‘Oh, you sound and play just like Eddie.'”

The rocker then shared what Van Halen was thinking about all of it, though he was adamant not to reveal the late guitarist’s full response:

“At one point, it [being called a clone] got under my skin enough that I called Eddie. I won’t say all that Eddie told me specifically – I’ll take that to my grave – but I will say that he told me, ‘I love the way you play. We’re a lot alike, but you’re different. Remember that.'”

Previously, on the White Lion front, frontman Mike Tramp discussed how grunge became the band’s ultimate end, as interest in classic rock dissipated and left its place to Seattle-based acts. In another interview, he also addressed whether he would reunite with Bratta or White Lion, and dismissed any rumor that the band would get together.