Vito Bratta Explains His Disappointment With White Lion

White Lion guitarist Vito Bratta recently revealed what caused his disappointment with the band. During an interview with Guitar World, the guitarist named the band’s debut album ‘Fight To Survive’ and explained why it disappointed him. He said:

“What a f*cking disaster that record was. Can I tell you something about that record that most people probably don’t know? That whole album is scratch tracks.”

Bratta clarified that he assumed they would call him back later to finish the scratch tracks, but it didn’t turn out that way. After he told the story, he briefly explained the situation:

“Long story short, Mike [Tramp] finishes his vocals, and Peter tells me, ‘We’re done. You can go home now.’ And I’m like, ‘What about the guitars?’ Peter just looked at me and said, ‘Sorry. We ran out of money and time. We’re going with what we’ve got.'”

Expressing his disappointment, Bratta added:

“I was devastated. I couldn’t believe a bunch of shitty scratch tracks would be my first record.”

The guitarist only shared one memory when asked for more details about the process and lead parts on some songs:

“I remember hating all the shitty power chords because they were scratch tracks. That was just a case of me playing whatever I felt then. There was no thought behind it beyond tearing it up because I thought I could do it for real later.”

Similar to the latest explanation the rocker made, the former frontman Mike Tramp also revealed the album he was disappointed in three months ago. Tramp looked back on the band’s last two studio albums, ‘Big Game’ and its follow-up’ Mane Attraction’. Revealing his thoughts on the two albums, he said:

“We were in the studio making this new album, but we were out of touch with reality. Everyone around us is also out of touch. Everyone is just wanting this new album to get out. […] Even though there are some great moments with the songs – production, and arrangement-wise, Big Game is an unfinished album. So when it came time to do Mane Attraction, Vito and I worked on the songwriting for a year.”

The band called it quits less than a year after releasing their latest album’ Mane Attraction.’ The album didn’t sell well due to the rise of rock and grunge bands of the time. Though Bratta and Tramp were often asked about a reunion, the two made it clear that they were not interested in it.