Vinnie Paul’s Estate Gives Support To Zakk Wylde And Charlie Benante For The Pantera Reunion

When the Pantera reunion tour was announced, most fans had questions regarding how it could happen without Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell there to celebrate it. However, Vinnie’s estate recently shared a statement on Facebook, and gave full support to the tour, and discussed how it was a chance to celebrate the late musicians.

Previously, guitarist Zakk Wylde stated that he hadn’t found the word ‘reunion’ fitting as the tour would be no Pantera reunion without Vinnie and Dime. So, Wylde thought the tour to be a chance to honor the late musicians and celebrate their works, and he had no worries about how the fans would react to him filling in for Dime.

Vinnie’s estate had a similar remark to Wylde as they stated that there would be no Pantera reunion without Vinnie or Dime taking the stage alongside the band. However, the tour was a chance to honor and celebrate the legacy of Pantera and the late musicians. So, the Paul estate fully supported Wylde and Charlie Benante to tour as Pantera.

“There can never be a Pantera reunion without Vinnie and Dime,” pointed out the Vinnie Paul estate. “However, there is no better way to celebrate and honor Vinnie and Dime’s legacy than to bring the music of Pantera directly to the fans.”

The statement continued, “We are honored that Charlie and Zakk, their very close friends and musical brothers, will share the stage with Philip and Rex to unleash the power of Pantera live around the world.”

So, perhaps it would be no Pantera reunion without Vinnie and Dime, but it certainly is an opportunity for honoring and celebrating the band and the late brothers. With Paul’s estate giving full blessings to Wylde and Benante, the tour will be a chance to pay homage to the legacy of the cult act.